Thursday, June 16, 2011

Feature: Home Gardening in the US

Yesterday was week four for my family and I plots in the community garden and they have been growing pretty good so far. In plot 1, we're growing red cabbage, stringbeans, tomatoes, collards and sweet peppers. In plot 2, there are collards, cabbage, tomatoes, and an eggplant plant. According to the graphic below, tomato is the most popular vegetable being grown throughout the country. It is also a vegetable most of my neighbors are growing as well. There are a few people growing cucumbers but I feel like I should have grew them as well because I love them so much. I can just cut them and eat them plain. But it is so cool that people are beginning to grow their own vegetables and fruits these days. With the increasing use of pesticides and genetically engineered foods, it is safer to grow what you know on your own. Hopefully this infographic can be of assistance to those who are planning a garden of their own.


Infographic: Home gardening in the U.S. | MNN - Mother Nature Network

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