Thursday, June 16, 2011

Garden Woes: Community Gardens

Even though having a community garden can have it's advantages and can bring a community together, there are some woes you may have to face. My street has a new community garden and it is quite cool to see as a new addition. It's a way to promote going green and healthy eating. During my five week journey so far, there have been numerous issues and I have weeks to go. Now there may be a possibility of more issues. But I'm sure this isn't the only garden that have these problems. Thanks for good neighbors and community workers of the Greater Newark Conservancy they don't last long here.


Pollution:I get upset seeing pollution in the streets, but when I see it over a fence in your garden it drives me up the wall. Why would anyone have the nerve to throw trash over the fence inside someone's gardening area. Then the trash not only makes it look bad but it can blow and harm your plants. I wouldn't even dare do that to someone and there is a garbage can on site.

Pest Control:I know as it gets closer to the summer more and more stray cats come out. The cats are advantage because they do kill any mice and rats they may stray out. But cats will go through your garden too. They may even start to eat plants and vegetables as they grow for food. They are great climbers and can jump fences pretty quickly. I know there is also a dog that goes in through an opening in the fence to wonder around which is not good either.

Too Much Access:There may be a rule in some gardens that only people who sign contracts are the only people allowed to start a plot and have a combination. This also makes it easier to keep track of who enters and exits in the event of vandalism. When too many people enter and exit, things become missing, damaged and stolen. This brings me too my next point.

Unlocked Fences:When there is a lock on the property to protect people's plots, only those who have a combination or key can get in. Yet some people may exit and not lock it back, so it is easy for people to get in and can possibly do damage. Unwelcome and disrespectful outsiders can steal as well.

Lack of Resources:There are ways people are supplied water for your garden, but sometimes that well runs dry. So you have to keep contacting people to give you a refill or you have to depend on rain. Since it's not your own yard garden, you don't want to use your own water risking a high water bill in the future.

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